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Olympian Suzy "Chapstick" Chaffee, NAOTF's Co-founder and Co-chairman, gives a ride to Navajo Cissy Esiddy at Telluride, CO, the pioneering ski resort.

Fancy Dancer, Evan Grant, dazzles the crowd at the Telluride event.

Ed Hall, Washington DC's leading Indian advocate, calls Aspen Airport's Native Art Exhibit, "a prototype for America."

More on the exhibit

Southern Ute Co-Founder, Alden Naranjo, at memorial for brother Eugene who started unity bridge.

“As co-founder and Vice Chair of the U.S. House of Representative’s Native American Caucus (60 members), congratulations on your Native American Millennial Ski events. It’s heartening to know that there are groups like yours across America that are working to better the lives of their Indian friends and neighbors." 
    --Patrick Kennedy, Member of Congress 

Friendship Circle Dance at Aspen's historic celebration.

"Giving Native youth sports opportunities is the No. 1 priority of Indian Country," Tex Hall, former President of the National Congress of American Indians, NAOTF co-chair 2000-2001, Chairman of the Affiliated Tribes of N.D., tried out for the Denver Nuggets.

Joanie Klar, honored by Chaffee for winning UN Eco Award, with a Amazon headdress by Fulni O Tribe.

NAOTF’s inspiring work is helping bring racial harmony to America.”
      -- President Bill Clinton


Suzy with Hawaiian Princess Gya Watson, and NAOTF Team - Washoe Chairman Brian Wallace (NAOTF co-chair 2002-2003), Walapie Camille Gordon (Southwest ski organizer) and Scott Halazon (Advisory Board).



(Formerly Native Voices Foundation)
Creating Joyful Unity through sports and education to heal Mother Earth
for all our Children, including through the Olympics.


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NAOT's Mission
to create joyful unity through sports and education to help heal Mother Earth for our children, including through the Olympics. By inviting Native Americans back to their majestic ancestral mountains for skiing and honoring celebrations, the wisdom of Native Voices is again being heard clear and strong. Through creating a bridge between our co-existent but different cultures that have different values and priorities, we enrich each other, and create mutual respect and appreciation through skiing, cultural ceremonies, travel, and good times. High risk snow sports at ski resorts build health, self-esteem, leadership skills and bonding friendships, in addition to making educational, job and career opportunities more accessible outside the reservation.


A New Beginning

Who Is Native Voices?

Why Skiing?

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Torrance "Blue Feather" Miller, N.Ute dance-skier, one of the stars of  Utah Olympic Opening, dancing to 4 tribal victories in Aspen's Winterskol Parade. He asked his teacher, Loya Arrum Cesspooch, "Why do they treat us almost like celebrities in Colorado. "Because you are valuable Utes,"replied Loya, a descendent of Chief Colorow who lived near Aspen.
Hight, Suzy and Kerwin Tom of Ute Mt Tribe in Telluride Skiing - The Bridge to Unity! Broderick

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"NAOTF has the best way to start a dialogue between our cultures I’ve seen. I hope that all the U.S. Ski Areas will reach out and participate in this exciting opportunity to invite their local tribes to ski in the Great American Outdoors - a chance to nurture future Native Olympians." --Bjorn Dahl, while Director of State and Private Forestry, Western Region, former President of Kirkwood Ski Area (Tahoe) working with Washoe Nation, and 8th Generation Norwegian Forester.  
Top: Inuksuk (Inuit) Stone Man Symbol of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

L-R Mariah Cooper  (Ojibwe-Oneida-FN Metis) as White Buffalo Calf Woman skier, Ross Anderson (Cheyenne) 2nd in Mondial Pro Speed Ski Championships, endangered Arctic Bears skating on thin ice, 6 yr old Delaney Tyon (Oglala Sioux) winning Nastar National Championships, Shirley & Sharon Firth (First Nations Gwichen), 4X Canadian Olympic XC Teams, Bottom L-R, Mariah as XC Olympic Hopeful blessing trail, Derek Howell (Pawnee) soaring eagledancer, Naomi Lang (Karuk) 2002 US Olympic Ice dancer's "Salute to Nature,"  Joe Tompkins (Alaskan Tlingit) 3X US Olympian, celebrating 2010 Downhill World Cup Paralympic victory with son Donald.

"GREAT!"  -- Steve Binder, Emmy award-winning producer, director

MAGNIFICENT FILM I LOVE IT!!!!  You captured the spirit and heart of the breathtaking world in white, mystical, pristine, evocative and pure, oh how we unite unto the eagle!  Why I want to screen it at the next UN Indigenous life celebration. --Tish Lampert, UN photojournalist, media relations for UN Ecostat NGO.

I had no idea there are so many great Native American and First Nations Champions."  -- Kim Chaffee, inventor of river power turbines that preserves fish and communities 

Suzy and the Native Stars, Great Job!! Clear a place on your mantles for an Oscar! -- Billy Kidd

This is my favorite all time ski movie as it captures the Poetry! --Ginger Tindell, Vail skier, Puerto Vallarta Writers/Press Group

"Beautiful, inspiring, brilliant - a gift of love and transformation!" -- Connie Baxter Marlow, co-director of epic world Elders docu on nature of the universe:

What a surprise as I thought Americans and Canadians lost completely their links with the ancient roots, knowledge and traditions of the original inhabitants, so thanks for sharing and all your efforts.  --Eduardo de la Barrera, Latin American

XC Olympic Hopeful Mariah Cooper (Ojibwe-Oneida) supporting Lil'wat Elder Ron Lester's Vancouver ceremony. The rain and fog turned into "rare bluebird days."

"Endangered Animals and Native Youth Showcased at Whistler"
"Whistler Mt Spirit Celebration" 



My fellow Rutland Vermont skier, Senator Jim Jeffords, passed on at age 80 in August, but his contributions live on. While chairman of the Environmental Committee, partnered with his confidant Jeff Munger (Iroquois) and seven other Native leaders, we helped reduce U.S. dental mercury by 48 percent. In 2013 this helped inspire 105 nations to sign a Global Mercury Treaty “to protect the environment by agreeing to phase down dental amalgam.”


R-L Senator Jim Jeffords, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works with his confidant Jeff Munger (Iroquois), who helped reduce dental mercury in U.S. waters by 48 percent in a measure that spread to 105 countries.

Thanks for Your Sochi Prayers that Helped Joy Win!

 As an Olympic skier, I want to thank all those who prayed for the joy and safety of everyone at Russia’s surprisingly “awesome” games. Joining with the Olympic families, were Christian Scientists, Native Americans, Aetherius Society, Monks of Moscow and so many more to help preserve this greatest force for Peace, Understanding, Healing, and Unity for over 1,000 years in Ancient times, and 100 years in Modern times.



Sipapu’s NM-AZ Native Program Helping Heal America

To further help heal and unite America, on February 26, New Mexico’s Sipapu ski area announced that it is joining Pajarito Mt and Ski Santa Fe in offering landmark affordable skiing and snowboarding opportunities to the tribes of New Mexico and Arizona.


Could World Prayer Help Protect Sochi Olympics?

The Olympics has been the greatest force for Peace, Understanding, Healing, and Unity for over 1000 years in Ancient times and 100 years in Modern times.  Given that Olympic heroes have inspired countless youth to be happily healthy, productive, brilliant and generous, we hope you will take a moment to join this world prayer for “The Joy and Safety of the Sochi Olympics,” heartened by how it has worked for the last five Olympics.


Pajarito Mountains New Mexico-Arizona Tribal Ski Outreach Helping Heal America

On January 4, Pajarito Mountain Ski Area, nestled near New Mexico’s Bandelier Canyon Cliff Dwellings going back 11,000 years, magnanimously launched an unprecedented snowsports outreach for the tribal youth of New Mexico and Arizona. It was thanks so much to ski instructor David Vosburgh, also director of the Native Nations Sports Ambassadors program, working with our Native American Olympic Team Foundation (, and local tribal leaders.


Pajarito Mt with Suzy

Santa Fe Ski Area Gallantly Safety-nets Pajarito’s NM-AZ Native Ski Program

After launching in early January the most generous Native snowsports outreach in history, inviting tribal youth of New Mexico and Arizona to ski in their Los Alamos Mountain, Pajarito Mt temporarily had to close for lack of enough snow. So Santa Fe Ski Area’s GM Benny Abruzzo heroically agreed to provide Pajarito and these tribal youth a safety net on January 24, 2014.



Francesca Maetas giving David Vosburgh lesson


Mayor Bloomberg and Mex President Pena Nieto Help N. Americans Win Battle of the  Bulge - eNewsChannels - ran inUSA Today

 Indian Country Today:
Mexico Now World's Fattest Nation; President Hopes Stevia Can ...

Mexico Press:
President Peña Nieto Helps N. Americans Win Battle of the Bulge       
After Mexico became Number 1 in obesity and diabetes in June, their new President Peña Nieto surprisingly recommended Stevia as a solution...

Mayor Bloomberg and Mex President Pena Nieto Help N. Americans Win Battle of the Bulge
Photo Caption: Olympic skier Suzy ‘Stevia’ Chaffee and Alicia Partida (Azteca) at opening of Puerto Vallarta’s Holistic-Bio-Spa saluting the bold sugary soda interventions of Mayor Bloomberg and Mexico’s President Pena Nieto. Image ©

What Would President Jefferson Say this 4th of July?

OPINION: On this 4th of July, wouldn’t it be a dream come true for the U.S. and many World Citizens if President Thomas Jefferson, the author of our Declaration of independence and Bill of Rights, came back at this pivotal time to coach us on getting our Grand Experiment in Democracy back on course?




PHOTO Caption: President Jefferson sharing how Americans this 4th of July can help get our Democracy back on True North through Harvard’s August “Gus” Jaccaci in his acclaimed world show. Photo: © Joanne Jaccaci.

 Roland McCook, former N. Ute Chairman and Utah Olympic host, led stunning Gratitude Snowdance in Aspen that was part of over eight across the U.S. in April that are helping protect Colorado and other states from 2012’s worst drought and fires in history. Many ski areas are still open. ( © SAKHI ZACK) Suzy Chaffee Explains National Snow Gratitude Ceremonies

Along these lines, Suzy Chaffee, cofounder of the Native American Olympic Team Foundation, has been a tireless proponent of encouraging the intervention

The National Ski Areas Association's NRDC study said that Colorado and Utah would be losing its snow by the end of the century unless there is an intervention - the East likely earlier. Fortunately, a consensus of the UN's 192 countries in 2012 identified the key to regenerating Earth: a combination of science/green energy and Ancient Wisdom, especially through the tribes

Skiing Senator Lautenberg's dying wish to save Generations and Snow thru his Chemical Safety Act!

 New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg(D), a phenomenal champion of American Children and Nature, passed on last week at 89. At his NY funeral he was deeply honored by half the Senate on both sides of the aisle, plus NJ Governor Chris Christie (R), Hillary Clinton and Vice President Biden for hiss passion and foresight in saving millions of Americans through his No Smoking law, raising the drinking age to 21, and fighting for women’s rights and gun control. Here is why Congress should make his honoring mean something by signing into law the most important Act of his life, the Chemical Safety Improvement Act (S.1009).



How the spirit of the Mt. helped create the most stunning resort of Mexico! 


How ‘The People’ Can Beat Iranian-American Peace Drums

This May or June, we have another priceless opportunity to beat the drums of peace and friendship when our countries need it most, by hosting some Iranian female skiers who have followed, including 24-year-old Olympic racer Marjan Kalhor, at California’s Mammoth Mountain. Read more...

Photo Left: Suzy skiing with Iran's Queen on goodwill mission with Olympian Billy Kidd (Abenaki)

Photo Right: "Suzy gives Indian headdress to the Queen"

Could National ‘Snow Gratitude’ Ceremonies Extend Future of SnowSports?





Kids Urge Ban on Trashing Space to Save Dads and Forests

For the last two hundred million years up until 1970, our ‘home’ looked like this beautiful blue planet from Apollo 17 with three satellites orbiting it. Today, earth is shrouded with about 1,100 satellites, most for cell phone companies, and a half a million pieces of trashed ones, and most dangerous of all, some dumped nuclear waste. Together they are blocking the critical sunlight that Man and Nature need to happily thrive. Read the full story here.

a thousand satellites

Could Stevia have spared the deaths of Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse?

People around the world have recently mourned the passing of Whitney, Amy Winehouse, and First Lady Betty Ford, exemplified by the touching New Years Tributes and Grammy Salute to Whitney. With the help of doctors Drew, Phil and Gupte these (celestial) shooting stars left us with priceless lessons to prevent or recover from alcoholism. And I believe they are happy to see that their passing is uncovering solutions that could save millions of children and their families from heartache. Read More

Caption: First Lady Betty Ford and Olympic skier Suzy Stevia Chaffee

How Moms Can Help Reduce Women and Children’s School Violence by 50%.

 What if we had the power to reduce the roots of violence by 50% – including one in three women raped world-wide – through a simple diet shift and planting fruit trees in schools? Read more

How A Healthier Diet Can Reduce School Violence and Shootings

In a recent op-ed, Suzy Chaffee, 1968 ski racing Olympian and co-founder of the Native American Olympic Team Foundation, suggests holistic approaches to reduce gun violence. Read the full article (pdf)

International Solutions to U.S. School Shootings

OPINION: “Some good must come of this,” has been the cry after one of the worst mass killings in U.S. history at Newtown’s Sandy Hook Elementary School. Little has been done after a decade of school massacres. “We have 15 times more gun violence than any other country, and we must learn from them,” said CNN’s Fareed Zakaria. Therefore, I believe we need a holistic approach that includes the best solutions from other countries:

What World’s Youth Want for Christmas – Plant our X-Mass Trees!

The World’s Youth say we need emergency action to create a “Future We Want.” Hurricane Sandy helped the doubting Toms recognize that the greatest threat to our National Security and humanity is Climate Change. And leaders now believe that frustrated young people are not kidding when they say they want Climate Justice!

PHOTO CAPTION: (L) 12 year old Xiuh (Shoe) Martinez, (center in white shirt/yellow shovel), and his Earth Guardian Kids demonstrating in Boulder how to reforest Colorado after its wildfire and save a billion trees worldwide. Photos: Tamara Rose Roske.

Skiing Into the Future - The Next 50 Years

From Antarctica to Iran to New Zealand, Billy Kidd has literally skied the world. Since 1970, the Olympic silver medalist and world champion racer has not only been Steamboat’s director of skiing, he has been America’s premier spokesman on behalf of his sport. With his vast experience, he is uniquely positioned to consider what the next 50 years of skiing might bring.


Native American London Olympians and UN’s Girl Initiative Lifting Poor Nations and Sustainability

October’s launch of the UN’s Girl Empowerment Initiative, and revelation that three Native American women represented the U.S. and their Indian Nations at London’s Olympics, are creating ripples of hope and prosperity for depressed Nations in the U.S. and around the world.

PHOTO Caption: “I will always love this team,” said “phenom” goalie (far right) Tumua Anae (Native Hawaiian) of her Gold Medal U.S. Olympic Water Polo Team in London. Credit: Jeff Cable.

Time to Listen to The Children!
Lisa Montoya: RIO+20 Earth Summit’s media “phenom,” Boulder’s Xiuh (Shoe) Martinez at October’s Denver Climate Change rally praising President Obama for his renewable energy policies that create the future the youth want, including snowsports.

Title IX Key to Sustainability and Longevity of Snow Sports and Coastal Cities

Olympic skier Suzy “Chapstick” Chaffee, who led the 1977 Title IX March in DC at the request of the PE Teachers of America, celebrating this team effort with her Olympic mom Stevia. Photos courtesy

U.S. Olympic Nordic star Lars Flora teaching some of the 650 Arctic youth the joy of cross-country skiing near a wind turbine in Selawik, north of the Arctic Circle. Credit: © Reese Hanneman

Winning the Race to Save the Planet through London's Olympics

Part 2: XC Olympians, Redford, McCartney Race to Save Arctic and Snowsports 2009 World Taekwondo Champion, Danielle Pelham (Chickasaw)


\Part 1: Olympians and Stars like Robert Redford the Best Hope for Arctic

Danielle Pelham (U.S. Chickasaw Tribe) winning the 2009 Taekwondo World Championships. Including her in the London Olympics could be a healing for humanity and help safeguard a phenomenal Games and their future.

Native Americans who inspired some of this progress
L to R - Gene Tagaban (Tlingit-Cherokee), Mariah Cooper, (Lac Courte Oreilles-Oneida) Olympic Hopeful, Rollingbears Quintana (Lakota-Azteca)


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